Completely eye opening! For the first time I can remember, I feel hopeful about my son's future!

- Jennifer M


A new empowering perspective on conquering cravings & addictions of any kind

Invite best-selling author and BrightLife creator Eric Walrabenstein to speak at your event and treat your audience to a unique and fascinating presentation packed with little-known mind-body strategies to take back control—for life. Your group will learn about:

Eric's talk opened my eyes to a path forward I couldn't have imagined before!

- Cody R

- A totally new perspective how addiction controls us.

- A new mind-body-spirit system proven to rob addiction of its power.

- A simple process to target addiction's little-known weak point and break free for life.


Eric's talks address the challenges of self control that affect all of us and are suitable for all audiences.

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