Ancient Mind-Body Technology Customized for the Modern World


At its heart, BrightLife is a skills course, but a skills course that leads to dramatic shifts in the patterning of the brain and nervous system.


Its first-of-its-kind process works directly to help us manage and reduce the urges, cravings, and disturbing emotions that drive unhealthy behaviors and depress well-being.


By targeting the top five triggering patterns of thought and attention, the BrightLife process works to literally re-pattern the nervous system to respond to our world in new and more healthy ways.

Each week, clients receive a unique blend of learning, brain-training exercises, and proven yoga and mindfulness practices that help to re-write the unhelpful mental patterns that give triggers their power.

The comprehensive learning system guides participants, step-by-step, to living the ease-filled life of joy we all deserve.


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