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The BrightLife Total Self Mastery Course is a six-week, skill-development program designed to arm participants with the critical skills needed to control cravings, urges, and addiction for life.

By focusing on the creation of key habits of self-care together with real-world skills proven to reduce triggering emotions, modulate impulses, and enhance mental and emotional resilience, BrightLife  delivers the missing piece that makes a life of freedom, health, and happiness possible.
To do this, BrightLife features a six-stage Neurological Reprogramming Process that combines proven findings from cognitive neuroscience with customized, evidence-based techniques from mindfulness and yoga that take less than an hour a day to perform.
The one-of-a-kind program creates the insight and competencies your clients or employees need to successfully navigate the difficult waters of breaking free from unwanted habits and addictions. Benefits include:

     - Enhanced self-awareness & introspection

     - Increased emotional resilience

     - Improved mental focus

     - Enhanced management of stressors

BrightLife is designed to be easy to implement and can be delivered to your clients at a BrightLife training location, your facility, or online in your client's home.

     - Diminished reactivity

     - Reduced experiential avoidance

     - Stimulated parasympathetic response

     - Developed habits of self-care


BrightLife helped me get my emotions in check and made me a better father.

Joaquin M.

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By arming your clients with a unique and powerful set of real-world skills to put them back in control of their lives, BrightLife will help you turn your clients or employees into enthusiastic and life-long evangelists for your organization.

With three implementation models available, our goal is to make it easier than ever for you to boost your clients' recovery success, increase referrals, and bolster your reputation.




Bring your clients to our Phoenix wellness center for live classes with our expert staff.




Host a BrightLife Kick-off Event at your location. 




Let your clients learn online at home with our web-based educational platform.



Each week, participants attend a workshop, either in-person or online, that introduces a new piece of BrightLife's Self-mastery Skills Model. These weekly modules combine a unique blend of learning and neurological-reprogramming exercises deployed within select evidence-based yoga and mindfulness practices. Exercises can be completed in less than an hour a day.


The weekly modules are designed to re-write specific triggering mental patterns that can fuel addictive cycles. The comprehensive learning system employs repetitive exercises performed both in formal practices and in daily life to reinforce improved mental habits and skills.

Click the topics below to learn about each week's focus:

INTRODUCTION: Attacking Addiction's Weak Points with BrightLife Brain Training

WEEK'S OBJECTIVE – Introduction to BrightLife and the BrightLife targeted model of addiction and recovery.

IN CLASS – We'll explore BrightLife's new targeted model for understanding addiction and its proprietary brain-training process. Your clients will learn about addiction's optimal points of interdiction and discover how to employ customized tools to interrupt the cycles that fuel addiction. We’ll conclude with an overview of the five maladaptive habits of mind that can propagate triggers.

AT HOME – The daily BrightLife exercises will alternate between a calming and rejuvenating guided-relaxation session and a customized set of yoga-based investigations to designed to help your clients learn how and where to short-circuit the cycle of addictive behaviors.

TRIGGERING PATTERN #1: Negativity Bias

WEEK'S OBJECTIVE – Enhanced Gratitude and Positivity

OVERVIEW – For those struggling with addiction, the nervous system’s innate tendency to prioritize negative experiences (perceived as threats) over positive experiences can leave many people overwhelmed and hopeless. This week’s instruction and brain-training exercises are designed to neutralize this tendency.

IN CLASS – Your clients will learn about the functioning and purpose of negativity bias, and will then discover how to put in place our structured brain-training regimen to cultivate gratitude, positivity, and hope to support their deliberate engagement of the recovery process.

AT HOME - This week's daily BrightLife exercises will help your clients to train their nervous systems to seek out the gifts and blessings in daily life, effortlessly and automatically. They'll alternate the yoga-based brain-training exercises with a powerful guided-relaxation practice to rejuvenate body and mind.

TRIGGERING PATTERN #2: Psychological Resistance

WEEK'S OBJECTIVE – Improved Acceptance of Present-moment Experience

OVERVIEW – In the BrightLife program, we use the term psychological resistance to refer to the mental and emotional struggle against our present moment experience—a struggle which can be a source of a near-constant emotional turmoil. This week’s instruction and brain-training exercises are designed to create greater acceptance of that which cannot be changed.

IN CLASS – This week's focus will be dedicated to helping neutralize unhelpful reactions to life's challenges. We'll put in place a brain-training process to re-train the nervous systems to respond with calm and skill—even in the midst of life’s difficulties.

AT HOME – The daily BrightLife exercises will help to train the brain to respond to life's ups and downs with greater ease. Yoga-based brain-training exercises will be alternated with the guided-relaxation practice to calm nerves and soothe emotions. This week will arm your clients with the tools and insight to feel more calm, more often.

TRIGGERING PATTERN #3: Emotional Reactivity

WEEK'S OBJECTIVE – Enhanced Emotional Resilience

OVERVIEW – The addiction-compromised nervous system is often driven into a fragile state where even modest emotional experiences are reacted to in dramatically unhealthy ways. This week’s instruction and brain-training exercises are designed to minimize emotional disturbances while creating greater capacity for them when they do arise.

IN CLASS – Week four is devoted to zeroing in on how to minimize and manage disturbing emotions. Clients will learn how to employ customized brain-training exercises to shift how the mind processes emotional experiences to aid in finding greater balance and ease with impulses and emotions of all kinds.

AT HOME – The daily yoga-based brain-training exercises will help clients experience emotions and impulses in a new light. Focus will be placed on experiencing emotions as raw sensation to minimize their power. Clients will gain skill in observing, feeling, and understanding emotions of all kinds. The brain-training exercises targeting emotional resilience will be alternated with the guided-relaxation sessions to soothe the overstressed nervous system.

TRIGGERING PATTERN #4: Attention Deficit

WEEK'S OBJECTIVE – Elevated Mastery over Thoughts and Attention

OVERVIEW – Unmanaged attention can be a major source of stress and overwhelm that significantly hinders the recovery process. This week’s instruction and brain-training exercises will highlight the habit and consequences of poorly-managed attention and provide customized tools to develop greater mastery over all aspects of mind.

IN CLASS – The deliberate use of focused attention can radically change the trajectory of our lives. This week's brain-training regimen will begin to rein in the unruly mind and train our minds in a way that supports recovery and balance.

AT HOME – The daily exercises will help clients create greater mastery of mind to minimize stress and engender feelings of enhanced calm, clarity, and control. As with every week, clients will alternate between the formal yoga-based brain training exercises and the guided-relaxation practice to calm the nerves and rejuvenate the body.

TRIGGERING PATTERN #5: Victimizing Mindset

WEEK'S OBJECTIVE – Established Growth Mindset

OVERVIEW –The struggles associated with addiction often leave people with a defeated and victimized perspective that views life challenges in an unnecessarily harsh and negative light. This week’s instruction and brain-training exercises are designed to help clients perceive the opportunities for growth that are inherent in daily difficulties and to arm them with the skills needed to utilize them to enhance wellbeing and happiness.

IN CLASS – Learning how to see the opportunities for growth in life's challenges is what week six is all about. This week's brain training will help clients to use life's ups and downs as opportunities for creating more calm and happiness in life.

AT HOME – This week's daily brain-training regimen will help clients uncover the opportunities for growth that usually go wasted and unused. The process engenders enhanced appreciation for day-to-day life and provides tools for transforming any moment into a positive experience. Daily yoga-based brain-training exercises will be performed on alternate days with the rejuvenating guided-relaxation practice.


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BrightLife is suitable for anyone independent of physical fitness level.

No prior yoga experience is required.

BrightLife is not intended as a complete addiction treatment program. It is a recovery skills course designed to help create the understanding and self mastery needed to break free from the control of cravings and addictive patterns. As such, it is recommended that for best results, BrightLife be used in conjunction with, or after graduation from, a licensed, reputable addiction treatment facility.



The BrightLife Method  gets its power from its integrated approach.


Your population will be engaged in a rich process of investigation to sequentially explore and neutralize five key maladaptive habits of thinking and belief that trigger addictive and unwanted habituated behaviors.


Seasoned clinicians will recognize inspiration from a range of proven therapeutic modalities including cognitive behavioral therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, and positive psychology, all riding on a vehicle of yoga and mindfulness techniques.


All in all, the process is designed to help your clients to recognize and rewrite the harmful patterns of thought and attention that fuel addictive cycles and other harmful habits.


Whether integrated as a complementary modality in an existing treatment regimen, deployed as a home-based aftercare program, or offered as a stand-alone program, BrightLife is proven to create meaningful shifts in self-mastery and resilience to help those you care about regain control for life.



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