for craving & addiction
A simple seven-day path to help you...
    - control cravings and urges
    - soothe your nerves and emotions
    - feel better and in more control

to put your struggles behind you once and for all.

Nourish Your Body, Mind, and Spirit 

Just imagine...

Being able to turn down the volume on cravings and impulses at will.

Having the ability to dial back the intensity of difficult emotions like anger or anxiety.

Well, stop imagining because you can—in just seven days!


Let us show you how you can feel better and more in control using the mind-body secrets from the ancient masters in the Mind-body Rescue from BrightLife!


Having the power to armor yourself against the pull of addiction's triggers and urges.

I've lost track of how many programs and therapists, I've used over the years. Thanks to BrightLife, I finally feel like I'm in control again.

BrightLife literally saved my life. I'm happy, free, and in control.
I can't thank you enough.

I've learned to tap the power within me that I had somehow lost. I feel like myself again!

Art M.

Janice R.

Brianna J.

Mind-Body Rescue can help you with...

Unhealthy habits

 control impulses

Whether you're struggling with alcohol, medications, smoking or an unhealthy habit like gambling or emotional eating, the Mind-Body Rescue will help you take back control before things get worse.

Early-stage Recovery
prevent relapse

Over 60% of people leaving treatment relapse in just weeks. Don't let yourself be one of them. Use BrightLife's Mind-Body Rescue to help you soothe the cravings, urges, and emotions that drag so many back into addiction.

Late-stage Recovery

improve wellness 

Addiction creeps in most easily when our lives become out of balance. The Mind-Body Rescue will help you nourish your body, mind, and spirit and fill your life with more joy and ease.

The BrightLife exercises made such a huge difference in my life! Simply amazing!

- Allison N.


Here's what you'll get from this

totally new approach to fighting addiction...

Join the thousands who have used BrightLife's proven-but-simple mind-body exercises to reclaim their lives of joy and ease in just minutes a day!


Body Rescue will nourish every cell of your being with a deep and lasting calm.


You'll use a simple, customized yoga practice to harmonize body, breath, and mind and find yourself feeling more renewed and invigorated than you thought possible.


Mind Rescue will fill your days with positive feelings like hope, gratitude, and joy.


Your daily life-mapping exercise will train your brain to naturally gravitate toward the overlooked blessings and gifts in your life—as if on autopilot.


Spirit Rescue will connect you to the peace and ease that lives inside you. Really.


You'll dive deep within using an ancient guided relaxation practice that will reconnect you to the ever-joyful part of yourself, the part covered over by cravings and addiction.


Get the exact system that's helped thousands put

addiction behind them for good.



Mind-Body Rescue


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