Congratulations you're in! Click the video below to watch the online presentation* of class one:
How to Outsmart Craving & Addiction
Notice: while we admit, this online presentation is nowhere near as fun and engaging as the live classes with Eric, the concepts and techniques presented here will change your entire life. We promise!!
  • Set aside an hour of undisturbed time to watch the presentation.
  • Relate the concepts being taught to your own lived experience.
  • Take the lessons shown and put them to work in your daily life.
Tuition $399
* Join us for the full course and get this material live with best-selling author and BOOTSTRAP Creator, Eric Walrabenstein, together with: 
    - Daily yoga practices
    - Guided relaxation practices
    - Customized Brain-training exercises
    - Your copy of the Freedom Journal
    - Personalized coaching and guidance
And, of course, five additional weeks of even more transformation!
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