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to move beyond addiction,
take back control from cravings,


and live the life of joy you're put here to live.
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If you, or someone you love, struggles with cravings, urges, or addiction of any kind, we'd like to tell you about a totally new approach to taking back control—for life.

The fact is that much of the conventional wisdom about what drives addiction is just plain wrong. It's why relapse rates are off the charts, and it's why so many struggle for life and still never break free.

It's also why we created BrightLife.

BrightLife is a first-of-its-kind process that will help you reclaim the life of joy, freedom, and ease you were meant to live. All more easily than you ever thought possible.

Whether you've just completed treatment, have been in recovery for years, or are simply struggling with cravings and urges that are beginning to affect your health or happiness, we can help in just minutes a day.



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Call us at (602) 824-9630

BrightLife is suitable for anyone independent of physical fitness level.

No prior yoga experience is required.​

1. BrightLife is not intended as a complete addiction treatment program. It is a recovery skills course designed to help create the understanding and self mastery needed to break free from the control of cravings, urges, and addictive patterns of any kind. As such, it is recommended that for best results, BrightLife be used in conjunction with, or after graduation from, a licensed, reputable addiction treatment facility.​


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