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for Healthcare Workers
Like PPE for the heart and mind
The BrightLife for Health Care Workers is a six-week program designed to arm participants with the critical skills needed to control stress, manage emotions, and restore balance to the over-taxed nervous system.

By focusing on the creation of key habits of self-care together with real-world skills proven to enhance mental and emotional resilience, BrightLife delivers the missing piece to armoring your staff against the devastating pressures
of providing care during the COVID crisis.​​

BrightLife is designed to be easy to implement and can be delivered online or at your facility.


BrightLife helped me get my emotions in check and made me a better father.

Joaquin M.

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Each week, participants attend a workshop, either in-person or online, that introduces a new piece of BrightLife's Self-mastery Skills Model. These weekly modules combine a unique blend of learning and neurological-reprogramming exercises deployed within select evidence-based yoga and mindfulness practices. Exercises can be completed in less than an hour a day.


The weekly modules are designed to re-write specific triggering mental patterns that can fuel addictive cycles. The comprehensive learning system employs repetitive exercises performed both in formal practices and in daily life to reinforce improved mental habits and skills.

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BrightLife is suitable for anyone independent of physical fitness level.

No prior yoga experience is required.

BrightLife is not intended as a complete addiction treatment program. It is a recovery skills course designed to help create the understanding and self mastery needed to break free from the control of cravings and addictive patterns. As such, it is recommended that for best results, BrightLife be used in conjunction with, or after graduation from, a licensed, reputable addiction treatment facility.



The BrightLife Method  gets its power from its integrated approach.

Our first-of-its-kind six-stage Neurological Rebalancing Process that combines proven findings from cognitive neuroscience with customized, evidence-based techniques from mindfulness and yoga that take less than an hour a day to perform.
The one-of-a-kind curriculum delivers wide-ranging benefits including...

Your employees will engage in a rich process of investigation that will help them neutralize five key maladaptive habits of thinking that perpetuate unwanted stress responses.


Seasoned clinicians will recognize inspiration from a range of proven therapeutic modalities including cognitive behavioral therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, and positive psychology, all riding on a vehicle of yoga and mindfulness techniques.


All in all, the process is designed to help your employees to recognize and rewrite the harmful patterns of thought and attention that fuel chronic stress and diminish well-being and productivity.


BrightLife is proven to create meaningful shifts in self-mastery and resilience to help those you care about regain control for life.


     - Increased emotional resilience

     - Improved mental focus

     - Enhanced management of stressors

     - Stimulated parasympathetic response

     - Diminished reactivity

     - Developed habits of self-care



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