If you ever find yourself...

Indulging a bit more than you know you should.     

Wrestling with cravings that feel increasingly more powerful.     

Finding your use of substances is beginning to interfere with your best life.

Now is the time to act. Let us help you avoid the personal, professional, and financial devastation that comes from losing control to addiction. We'll help you in three important ways...




Calm your mind,

cool negative emotions,

and soothe the feelings that

drive addictive behaviors.



Learn to recognize and

control the triggers and impulses that fuel addiction.

Resist temptations, control

cravings, and take back your power from the triggers that can control you.



Don't Let Addiction Get a Foothold



There's just no way to put into words what this program has done for me. Simply amazing!

Michelle R.

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BOOTSTRAP is built on the one thing that nobody is talking about.


Addiction has an Achilles Heel.


And even more important, if you understand where this weak point is, and how to attack it, you can literally change the entire trajectory of your recovery.


That's why, at BOOTSTRAP, helping you to zero in on this weakest link is what we're all about.


Our revolutionary process will provide you with a step-by-step road map to conquering the cravings that drive addiction. You'll then be taken through a five-stage brain-training process and given an entire range of techniques from yoga and mindfulness to help you take back your life.

This proven process will help you neutralize unhelpful thoughts, master negative emotions, and control nagging impulses to put you on the path to healing and happiness for life.





Addiction is triggered in the brain, and more specifically, by the feelings of craving the brain creates in the body.


That means, if we can rewire how the brain reacts to certain triggers, we can begin to rob addiction of the power it relies on to drive our actions.


This “rewiring” is made possible by something scientists call neuroplasticity, a term referring to the changeable nature of the brain which allows it to be trained to react to our world in new and more helpful ways.


BOOTSTRAP employs a unique five-stage brain-training process that helps you to rewire your brain's reactions and cut off addiction’s power at its source.


With BOOTSTRAP, you'll get all the tools you need to overcome the top five triggers that drive addictive cycles.

Each week, you'll receive a unique blend of learning, brain-training exercises, and proven yoga and mindfulness practices that will help you to re-write the unhelpful mental patterns that give your triggers their power.

Our comprehensive learning system will guide you step-by-step to be able to identify and manage triggers and impulses both in class and in your daily life.


Click the topics below to see how you'll learn to control addiction's top triggers:

INTRODUCTION: Attacking Addiction's Weak Points with BOOTSTRAP Brain Training

IN CLASS - We'll explore BOOTSTRAP's new targeted model for understanding addiction and our proprietary brain-training process. You'll learn about addiction's weak points and discover how to use customized tools to attack addiction where it counts.

AT HOME - Your daily BOOTSTRAP exercises will alternate between a calming and rejuvenating guided-relaxation session and a customized set of investigations to help you learn how to short-circuit addiction's power first hand.

IN LIFE - This week's training is designed to provide you a practical step-by-step roadmap that will allow you to progressively take back control in the coming weeks.

TRIGGER 1: Negativity, Depression, and Feelings of Hopelessness

IN CLASS - We'll learn about the #1 source of negativity and hopelessness in our lives, and learn how to put in place our first structured brain-training regimen to steer us toward gratitude, positivity and hope.
AT HOME - Your daily BOOTSTRAP exercises will help you to train your brain to seek out the gifts and blessings in your daily life effortlessly, and automatically. You'll alternate these brain-training exercises with a powerful guided-relaxation practice to rejuvenate body and mind.
IN LIFE - This week's training is designed to shift the perspective through which you see your world and fill your days with renewed positivity, joy and optimism.

TRIGGER 2: Impatience, Frustration, and Outbursts of Anger

IN CLASS - This week's focus will be dedicated to eliminating the top source of the feelings of frustration, anger and other disturbing feelings. We'll put in place a brain-training process to re-train our nervous systems to respond to life with more calm and skill--even when life doesn't cooperate with our agendas. AT HOME - Your daily BOOTSTRAP exercises will help you to train your brain to respond to life's ups and downs with greater ease. You'll alternate your brain-training exercises with your guided-relaxation practice to calm your nerves and soothe your emotions. This week will leave you with the tools and insight to feel more calm, more often. IN LIFE - This week's training will help you leave frustration and anxiety behind as you fill your day with more peace and ease.

TRIGGER 3: Anxiety, Worry, and Triggering Emotions

IN CLASS - In week four, we'll be zeroing in on how to minimize and manage disturbing emotions. We'll learn how to employ customized brain-training exercises to shift how our minds process emotions to help us to find greater balance and ease with impulses and emotions of all kinds. AT HOME - Your daily brain-training exercises will help you to see emotions and impulses in a new light. Instead of feeling pushed around by emotions, you'll gain skill in observing, feeling, and understanding them. You'll alternate your work with emotions with your guided-relaxation sessions to help bring even greater ease to your days. IN LIFE - This week's exercises will transform your experience of emotions leaving you more clear, more calm, more often.

TRIGGER 4: Stress, Anxiety, and Feelings of Overwhelm

IN CLASS - This week, we'll be targeting the triggering feelings of stress, anxiety, and overwhelm that can leave us feeling suffocated or worse. This week's brain-training regimen will help you to cut these triggers off at their root and leave you feeling lighter, more free, and more happy. AT HOME - Your daily BOOTSTRAP exercises will help you to train your brain to focus--on what you ask it to instead of whatever it wants to. Your greater mastery of mind will leave you feeling calmer, clearer, and more control of your life. As with every week, you'll alternate your brain training with your guided-relaxation practice to calm the nerves and rejuvenate the body. IN LIFE - This week's exercises will leave you with greater control over your mental and emotional worlds, helping you to forge more joy and lightness in your everyday life.

TRIGGER 5: Difficulties, Challenges, and Obstacles in Daily Life

IN CLASS - Life is full of difficulties and challenges that can act as triggers to addictive habits. This week's brain training will help you to surf the wave of life's ups and downs instead of feeling crushed by them. It's a formula for creating more calm and happiness no matter what life brings. AT HOME - This week's daily brain-training regimen will help you to uncover the opportunities for growth that usually go wasted and unused. You'll come away with a new appreciation for your day-to-day life and gain powerful tools for transforming any moment into a positive experience. Daily brain-training exercises will be performed on alternate days with the rejuvenating guided-relaxation practice. IN LIFE - This week is designed to put you in the driver's seat when it comes to making regular progress in creating the life of ease, freedom, and happiness you deserve.



With three program types to choose from, you can select the perfect solution for your
unique circumstances. 
All BOOTSTRAP programs include the full, proven BOOTSTRAP Method  for addiction prevention with everything you need to take back control and prevent relapse for life!



group program


Six weekly workshops at one of our live, in-person seminar series with senior BOOTSTRAP instructors.

And more...


Six weeks of recorded online instruction plus daily, yoga-based brain-training exercises.

And more...


LIVE online program


Six weeks of privacy-protected instruction online in your own home with with BOOTSTRAP creator, Eric Walrabenstein.

And more...


recorded online program


1. BOOTSTRAP is not intended as a complete addiction treatment program. It is a recovery skills course designed to help create the understanding and self mastery needed to break free from the control of cravings. As such, it is recommended that for best results, BOOTSTRAP be used in conjunction with, or after graduation from, a licensed, reputable addiction treatment facility.


BOOTSTRAP is suitable for anyone independent of physical fitness level.

No prior yoga experience is required.


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