week 1


This week is dedicated to two things:

  1. Mastering the two primary BOOTSTRAP techniques: the Recognition Sequence and Intentional Restoration.

  2. Investigating how “feel this, do that” works in our own bodies.

Here’s what to do. Each day in your home:

  • Perform either the Recognition Sequence or Intentional Restoration (alternate days)

Each day in your life:

As you move through your days, be curious about how uncomfortable feelings drive your actions. From hunger to impatience, to anxiety to boredom: notice how each of these everyday feelings:

  1. Causes a level of physical discomfort.

  2. Drives you to consider doing something that will relieve them.

  3. When you respond to the feeling with an action, notice how the true payoff is that the uncomfortable feeling goes away.


The Recognition Sequence™ is a series of postures borrowed from yoga, but don’t worry, we’ll be doing much more than stretching and exercise here. In the BOOTSTRAP® process, we use these postures as a place to recognize and release the harmful tendencies that fuel chronic addictive cycles.

Start by watching the video below, then perform the entire sequence at least once prior to coming to class.

Recognition Sequence - BOOTSTRAP
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Intentional Restoration - BOOTSTRAP
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