A multi-stage, yoga and mindfulness-based program for addiction treatment centers.


The BOOTSTRAP Addiction Recovery Support Program is designed to make integrating yoga and mindfulness into existing addiction treatment programs simple, quick, and more effective than ever before.
This first-of-its-kind program draws on the proven wisdom from yoga, mindfulness, and meditation and has been developed to complement existing in-patient and out-patient addiction treatment programs.
BOOTSTRAP will lead your clients through a multi-stage curriculum that has been designed to habituate self care and build mental and emotional self mastery. The program is proven effective in delivering a wide range of client benefits including:
   - Increased emotional resilience
   - Improved mental focus
   - Diminished reactivity
   - Reduced experiential avoidance
   - Improved management of stressors
   - Enhanced parasympathetic response
Best yet, because BOOTSTRAP can be performed onsite or online, it can serve as an effective adjunct to primary treatment or after care.

The potential utility of mindfulness-based interventions for individuals in recovery from addictive disorders is particularly compelling.

Aleksandra Zgierska, MD, PhD

University of Wisconsin


Yoga and mindfulness are well-documented in their abilities to aid in the recovery process.
By harnessing both body and mind in a way to create more focus, calm, and ease, these mind-body techniques can assist in developing important coping skills as well as habits of self care.
BOOTSTRAP does this, and more, because our proven multi-stage curriculum dispenses critical insight regarding the workings of both mind and emotions.
By engaging clients as agents in their own healing process, BOOTSTRAP encourages an exploration of the inner sources of mental and emotional turmoil in an experiential way.
To do this, each BOOTSTRAP module delivers a short lesson together with customized yoga and mindfulness practices that can be performed in less than an hour a day. Step-by-step, clients are led through a deliberate process of investigation, discovery, and healing that has proven both transformational and empowering.

BOOTSTRAP can provide an effective lifeline to the healthy habits of self-care created during recovery well after the completion of your client's formal treatment program.

Eric Walrabenstein

President, BOOTSTRAP

Jessica R.


BECAUSE OF BOOTSTRAP, I now pause, breathe, and think before reacting in my difficult moments.



getting a full night's

sleep for the first time in seven years.

Within the first week, my family was commenting on how much calmer and happy I seemed.

BOOTSTRAP teaches you how to know when to let go of those things you can't control.

Duane F.

Jennifer Q.

Steven M.


Our goal is to make it easy for you to meaningfully complement your treatment program with the power of yoga and mindfulness. We'll help customize implementation

to meet your needs in three simple steps.



Our team will visit your facility, meet with clinical staff, and assess how to most effectively integrate the BOOTSTRAP system into your existing treatment environment.



Based upon our assessment, we’ll tailor the delivery of the BOOTSTRAP curriculum to fit within your schedule and optimally complement your existing programs.



Our expert teaching staff will then manage your onsite program to include teaching the tailored BOOTSTRAP curriculum to your clients each day.

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